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What is Google Web Stories? How is Google Web Stories created?

Google first added Google Web Stories to their new feature in 2017. For those who currently want to get organic traffic using Google Web Stories, we will have a very important discussion in this article. We will discuss in our today’s article how to create stories on the web and how to use this web story to bring millions of organic traffic to Google’s website?

Although Google launched this Google Web Stories feature in 2017. But then its popularity was not as high as it is now. For which it could not gain much recognition. But now people are taking it much better. Now you can also earn a good amount of money with the help of Google Adsense. will get a lot of visitors.

Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories requires you to have no experience. And currently, there are very few competitors in all these fields so you can reach the top level quickly. The number of competitors here is very low so if you can do these things regularly then you can bring traffic from Google Web Stories very fast.

By doing all this you can make a very good amount of money with the help of blogs. Let’s start our blog today. How to create Google Web Stories?

What is Google Web Stories?

When Google launched it in 2017, it didn’t get much popularity. However, its popularity is now doubling and Google hopes to do more in the future.

Google Web Stories is a type of visualization storytelling format. Here you can easily create a story with the help of animation using different image text. It’s great to see all these stories.

If you wish, you can follow Google Trends and create stories with trending topics of the country with the help of animation images and taxes. These are shown to different people depending on the demand. Stories are delivered to the people on the topic you created. So if you want to use these, you have to make regular storage.

How is Google Web Stories created?

At some point, the task may seem too difficult for you to create it. The way you create a post here, you can’t directly adjust the image to write the text. Because WordPress or Blogger does not have any such features. For this, you need to use a separate plugin if you are using WordPress.

First, you need to install the plugin in the Google Web Store by going to the Plugins sector. Since this plugin is made by Google, you don’t have to face any problems with it. You can use it without hesitation.

Since this plugin is officially made by Google itself, you will also get a lot of benefits from it in terms of SEO. Moreover, your stories are much more likely to go to the Discovery page very quickly.

Maker Web Stories:

You do not have to face any problems while using this plugin. But it is not made by Google, it is made by a third-party company. Help you create stories with it very quickly.

All these plugins are available for free. With it, you can quickly create good quality stories and add text to animated images to create very good quality stories. The better your animation picture and content, the more visitors you will get.

With the help of the article, you learned how to create a web story and bring it to the organic visitor website.




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