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What is Digital Marketing Explain With Examples

What is digital marketing? We all know this, but we may not understand how digital marketing really works. In today’s article, we will try to know more about it with the help of examples.

In the current age of online, more than 55% of people use the internet and 75% of them are active on social media. Big industries, including diverse people, are leaning toward digital marketing and are continuing to promote their companies through digital marketing. Those of us who use social media every day are exposed to digital marketing but if we don’t understand it properly then we must first know what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing

What is digital marketing?

Simply put, digital marketing is about using social media to promote products. Here social media means Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Link Day, etc. There are many types of platforms. Apps on all platforms allow you to reach your daughter to everyone, it will be possible to reach a specific person at a low cost. Following the same method, big companies are now throwing their products through digital marketing.

Countries around the world have been using this type of marketing for a long time, but India and Bangladesh are more interested in it in big countries like the US. They continue their campaign using the most popular social media of today. This type of marketing is again of different approaches. There are individual costs involved. Let’s talk about them now.

Digital Display Marketing:

Within marketing, digital display marketing is considered to be the most expensive marketing. Digital display marketing is a campaign that is run on a variety of websites or on a variety of social media through banners, general images and videos, or GIFRs. 

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However, the good thing about this type of digital display marketing is that it can easily attract customers so that certain products can be easily sold to them. There is a huge demand for this type of marketing in the current age of the internet and it is possible to be most successful through digital display marketing. 

Mobile Marketing:

We are all more or less familiar with such systems as there are over 492 crore mobile phone users in the world. Of this, more than 55 per cent, or more than 246 crores, are connected to smartphones. The amount will be 66 per cent in 2020 and will continue to increase.

There are two issues with mobile marketing:

  • SMS marketing
  • MMS Marketing

About 97% of smartphone user opens their message within three minutes. About six thousand messages are exchanged every second. There is no point in marketing in a big college if you don’t have detailed knowledge about it, but in this case, you can put all your money in the water.

Email Marketing

Those of us who use mobiles or use laptops or computers are always connected to email. If you want to do email marketing then you have to have a specific website.

 In that case, you can create a newsletter system there or if you do not have a website, you can collect such emails from different people who work on emails in different ways especially UK UK Canada collects emails from such countries. You can promote your product by email marketing there.

However, in the case of email marketing, you must be careful. In this case, if you make a small mistake, all the cost of marketing your email will be wasted and you will lose your valuable profit.

Now you have to choose what kind of method you want to use to move your business forward. You have the right idea and I think if I work on this topic I will be able to move forward and be interested. If you want to work, you can be in danger.





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