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Top Google Services and Their Features

Google is currently the most popular search engine in the world. It is not a search engine, it has more different types of services. Almost all of us use those services but we don’t know which one is Google and which one is from another company. Today we will know some of their most popular best through this article.

Needless to say, Google is at the forefront in terms of popularity. Google offers 281 more services in addition to their search engine. There are many people who receive some of these services. But they may not even know about these services. We will know in detail about this in our today’s topic. At the same time, I will take a look at what is used for what purpose.


Google Shopping

Nowadays, most people prefer to shop online rather than go to shopping malls. Thousands of e-commerce organizations have been created in line with this. The ones that need a lot of time to find and in many cases are not without the right committee due to their differences. To get rid of this, Google has launched a free platform called Google Shopping.

In this case, Google offers the opportunity to purchase products directly from the seller. In this, the customer gets his product within a certain price and the good quality product is in the hands of the customer.

Google has more or less all kinds of human information so Google is able to show them products according to the needs of the people. And one of the great benefits for retailers is that they can promote their products with the help of Google. As a result, they are doing better marketing at a lower cost and their products are being promoted internationally.

This service is very popular because it allows the customer to at least get his desired product with him and buy it at the right price. And retailers can quickly promote their products.

Google Podcast

Podcasts are now a popular medium for a variety of entertainment activities. Just like big companies like Spotify, iTunes, and Apple through podcasts, Google has its own podcast medium.

People can create different categories of their own and leave them with audio help. Other users find these categories very quickly when they search for them, which is why Google Podcasts have become more popular than others. To get it from Google you need to get the desired from Google. You can get it for free in both the Play Store and Apple Store.

Google Garage

There is an educational platform called Google Garage. Google offers a variety of educational courses on specific people that make it easy for people to build their own careers. There are many types of courses available in Career Development, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, etc.

Different people are benefiting in different ways with the help of the platform. Student entrepreneurs in particular will be able to present them through their direct training. Google’s garage has over a thousand free courses and paid courses, most of which are presented through video tutorials for students and business people.

Google Serv

This service of Google service is mostly used by businessmen, who do research on different products. Simply put, it basically surveys smartphone and Android users.

Using the platform, marketers can learn about consumer behavior and market trends in online surveys, mainly through targeted demographics.

Another documentary from Google Research found a documentary showing that 4 million Android users are being added to the survey every day. More than 10 million unique users are added to the online panel every day.

There are many types of services that company provides. If you want to know about such tips and tricks, you must visit the website well.



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