HomeWordPressIs making a WordPress website free? WordPress Website Customization.

Is making a WordPress website free? WordPress Website Customization.

Today we will discuss how you can easily create a website with WordPress and what methods can be used to create a WordPress website easily. In this article, we will learn more about what is required to create a WordPress website, how much money is required, and how long it may take.


Those of us who will create websites with WordPress will need a domain and hosting. Not knowing the details about domain and hosting they can read our article.

Maybe you have read the article and understood a little bit about domain hosting, now you may be wondering where to buy domain hosting? Namecheap and GoDaddy are the most popular for buying domain hosting. International companies are the best of them all. Their payment system is done with the help of MasterCard. But there are many of us in Bangladesh who do not have MasterCard. How do we buy a domain?

Thousands of resellers have sprung up in Bangladesh but the best ones are Exonhost and Dianahost. Domains and hosting are rarely available to them.

After purchasing the domain and hosting, we will receive an e-mail from the hosting company. Gmail will give us the username and password to log in to C-panel.

After logging in with my password you will see a dashboard like a picture below. Scroll down a bit then we will find different types of CMS there. From there we can choose the CMS of our choice as we will work with WordPress we will click on WordPress.

Then WordPress will take us to the installation page. We will see a complete fall page where we have to fill in the title tag line of our blog site with admin password Gmail etc. When we are done with all these things, below we will get a button called Install which will start installing WordPress with all these features.

WordPress Website Customization:

WordPress has been installed on our site. Now our site has a simple look. After installing WordPress for the first time, there is a simple look like this. Our website is in the same condition now.

After installing, our job will be to fix the menu, fix the footer, then some pages for the site which are very important for our site, all the pages are inside. About us, Contact us, DMCA, Privacy Policy. No need to write, just write lightly about your website and all of you can get in touch by giving a phone or mail to Contact.

How to easily build your WordPress site in 1 hour is not a big hassle you just have to bear the burden of domain and hosting.

If you read this article and you are not allowed to create a WordPress website, you must let us know if there are any problems.





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