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How to Create Portfolio Website For Free | Portfolio website examples

Freelancing is one of the most popular professions. Thousands of young people are now involved in this profession. Lots of people will come in the future. When dealing with freelancing you need a lot of skilled workers. For example, you need your own portfolio website where you can write about yourself, details about your work skills, what you have done before and how you have communicated with the buyer.

A personal portfolio can significantly increase the scope of work in your marketplace. Freelancers can add their own portfolio website to the Marketplace website. If you do not have a quality portfolio website, you will not be able to attract client attitudes. Now when a client comes to hire you and clicks on your account he will want to know the details about you and if you do not have your own portfolio then you will not be able to get the client’s attention.

Since all types of marketplaces have the option to add their own portfolio, if you make a custom-made portfolio adjustment then you can show your sample there to the buyers. If you have your own portfolio website then if you can bring a buyer out of the marketplace then you can work differently and you get the amount of revenue you have from the marketplace charges. This will increase your number of customers.

Freelancer Marketplaces There are some specific information that you must have in order to create your portfolio website, regardless of whether you work in any one of them, then it will be considered a complete portfolio website.

Portfolio Website

Standard Website Design:

Build this website in such a way that all the details that you need to do your job, that is, all the details that you need to work here so that the buyer can clearly find them here.

Job Skills Information:

All the work that you are good at will be included on the main homepage so that your work will come to the fore easily and if the buyer needs it then he will definitely knock you over. Don’t try to do things that you have no idea about. If it gives you some kind of work, you will not be able to do them properly and your Marketplace account may be damaged due to bad reviews.

Accurate information:

Add your own beautiful picture to the main homepage and write about what you like to do and how you have experienced the freelancing world.

Contact address:

Be sure to provide a contact front page or your email address to contact you on your portfolio website. Which allows you to communicate easily.

Type of service:

Try to write about what kind of work you have done in your job and if each job has a different category, try to write it as a separate category.


If you have any previous work documents, adjust them to your portfolio website.


If you have already done some work, you can add some additional ones along with pictures and documents.


Since all your work will be included on the homepage, try to make it all beautifully in a concise form.


If you have a habit of writing, you can include h61 in the form of a page. It does not mean that you have to adjust it. You can do it as you wish.

Payment gateway

You can add a good payment gateway to your site if you wish.

Using all of the above information you can easily create a portfolio website created in WordPress or a custom way. If you enjoy reading this article, you must visit our site



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